The Problem

About one-third of all food produced is spoiled or squandered before it could get to consumers. This leaves the farmers poor and the populace hungry. According to the World Food Organisation, One-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, which amounts to about 1.3 billion tons per year. The percentage is higher in Africa where about a quarter of food produced is wasted. Most of this rot in farms while the populace remain hungry and in search of cheap food. This makes farmers incur huge losses, making farming unattractive to the teeming rural populace fueling hunger, anger, rural-urban migration and insecurity among others.

Also, while some have food in excess and would like to share, the lack of a platform to reach those who may need food donation, ensures that such excess heads to the waste dump sites contributing to environmental and climate change problems. Post-Harvest Losses is a Major Cause Of Poverty, Food Insecurity in Africa Agriculture contributes substantially to the economic growth of Africa and employs about 40% of the total population.

However, while agricultural productivity is on the rise, post-harvest food losses has remained a critical challenge leading to poverty and hunger as food insufficiency resulting from post - harvest losses affect most communities in Africa leading to poor diet and malnutrition. While it is possible to reduce losses substantially by improving storage and transportation methods, in practice this is prohibitively expensive especially for small farmers in the rural areas who produce bulk of Africa's food for whom it is essential to reduce losses.

The Solution

The solution lies in communication and interaction - A platform, an app.

Farmers [including fisher men and women] in rural and urban areas should be able to upload pictures and videos of available products on an easy-to-use app by checking into their various state or regional chat rooms on the app to advertise available products. For farmers, this could be pictures of yet to be harvested crops. Interested buyers on the app should be able to see farmers contact details and contact them directly for purchase and evacuation on a predetermined harvesting date.

Fishermen and women could also upload pictures of catches for buyers for immediate purchase or to place order for such future catches. Prospective buyers could also discuss preservation methods like smoking, etc with the fishermen/women. In addition, buyers can arrange for goods to be delivered to them by using locally available logistics partners. Also, a Give away category on the app provides a platform for people with excess food to upload pictures and details of location of such available food for charities and individuals to evacuate such excess food for use.

The Agro Genie app is built to bridge this gap between food producers and buyers. This will certainly help African countries reduce food wastage, hunger and insecurity. The Agro Genie app seeks to assist in the achievement of some of the United Nation's Sustainable Development goals. Kick out food wastage and hunger, buy, sell and give away fresh farm produce.

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Agro Genie is a proud product of Lindfields Agro Limited.